First Team Player Contracts As Of July 29th 2021

Below you will find the contract lengths of the current first team as of the 29th of July 2021.

Harry Seaden – 1 year
Steve Arnold – 2 years

Elvis Bwomono – Offered new contract
Jason Demetriou – 1 year (option of a further year)
Rob Howard – 1 year – option exercised
Nathan Ralph – 1 year (option of a further year)
Tom Clifford – 1 year – option exercised
Shaun Hobson – 2 years
John White – 1 year
Josh Coulson – 1 year (option of a further year)
Miles Mitchell-Nelson – 1 year

Ashley Nathaniel-George – 1 year
Abu Ogogo – 1 year (option of a further year)
Eren Kinali – 1 year
Lewis Gard – 1 year
Jack Bridge – 1 year (option of a further year)
Harry Phillips – 1 year with option of a further year
Terrell Egbri – 1 year – option exercised
Jon Benton – 1 year – option exercised
O’Shane Stewart – 1 year – option exercised
Louis Walsh – 1 year
Nathan Ferguson – 1 year with option of a further year
James Dunne – 2 years
Ricky Holmes – Offered new contract

Rhys Murphy – 2 years
Sam Dalby – 2 years
Simeon Akinola – 1 year with option of a further year
Matt Rush – 1 year – option exercised

Left the club
Greg Halford – Joined Waterford
Harry Lennon – Joined Wrexham
Timothee Dieng – Joined Exeter City
Mark Oxley – Joined Harrogate Town
Sam Hart – Joined Oldham Athletic

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Author: Uncle_Rons_Teapot

Born and bred in Southend-on-sea and have supported the Shrimpers since 95. Season ticket holder in the East stand and occasionally travel away although recently that has become a challenge due to my health.